About us

You sometimes tell us that you find the online booking process a bit impersonal so we’d like to introduce ourselves and give you opportunity to put a face to the name you’ve being corresponding with.

Like you, we are all enthusiastic about diving, adventures and the underwater environment but we also realise that your valuable vacation time should be as much fun as possible. Therefore we take the time and hassle out of finding you the best value trips and diving experiences available.

Quality travel experiences that facilitate authentic connection, purpose & education–that is our way. We live for the kind of travel that can change the course of one’s life, or completely turn one’s perspective inside out. From climbing volcanoes on Java to diving remote West Papua, and from kayaking isolated lakes in Thailand to visiting remote mountain villages in Indonesia, our adventures are creatively crafted to deliver the most dynamic and enriching experiences–and all led by a highly-trained local guide who brings to life the local cultures, historical context, wildlife & language.

We support businesses that are sustainable community-based tours featuring authentic accommodation, local transportation & activities to bring travelers face to face with the cultures, customs & remarkable wildlife of a destination. We contribute 2% of the revenue from each tour to our non-profit foundation, Wicked Good, which facilitates local projects such as wildlife research & conservation, ecotourism guide training, English language instruction, traditional farming & home building techniques, beach clean-ups & internship programs for future tour guides.